Top 5 Latest WhatsApp MODs Apk For Android & iOS

We all know that WhatsApp is the most used messaging app around the globe. People love to use this app. But due to stop spamming, it introduces some features that become its limitations. Therefore, the users are always looking for alternative options. And the WhatsApp MODs Apk come forward to be a better option and get maximum user satisfaction.

In this article, we will portray the top 5 latest WhatsApp MODs Apk for Android & iOS. So, stay tuned with us and find your best one.

What is WhatsApp MODs Apk?

At first, let’s see what WhatsApp MODs Apk is. Actually, the full form of MOD is modification. So, the WhatsApp MODs are the modified or altered version of the original WhatsApp application. Some third-party developers build these Apk by using the official WhatsApp framework and overcome its limitations. However, these MODs are made focusing on one or two boundaries. So, you have to choose one of them based on what features you most need.

Why does anyone need to use these WhatsApp MODs Apk?

You may ask why you need a WhatsApp MOD Apk, right? So, before answering, let me ask, aren’t you getting annoyed sometimes because of WhatsApp rules? Like you can’t send more than thirty photos at a time and can’t share a file of more than sixteen MB? So, in these circumstances, If you want to overcome these things, WhatsApp MODs Apk will help you.

Moreover, the Apk will allow you to hide your personal information like last seen, message viewed information, and many more. Now let’s check out the top five ones and see how they enhance your messaging experience.

Top 5 Latest WhatsApp MODs Apk

This segment is the core part of the article. So take a look at the top 5 Apk and compare the features. By the end of the content, you will understand why these are better than the official app.

1. Whatsapp Plus

On our list, the first one is Whatsapp Plus Latest Version. The app allows some enhanced features to its users. The fact is, it looks like almost the original app. But, instead of green, it has a blue icon. The Apk works on both android and iPhone.

Top Features

  • Hide your last seen and also set the time manually.
  • A vast collection of icons and stickers
  • Exit a conversation with a double swipe.
  • Newest/oldest message shortlisting feature and chat filtering
  • Group video call facilities
  • Send automatic messages in a fixed time.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) mode for blocking incoming and outgoing SMS whenever you want.
  • Hiding particular conversations with PIN code

2. FM WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, file-sharing restrictions are one of the most annoying disadvantages of WhatsApp. The FM WhatsApp comes to your service to give you an alternative. The developer Fouad Mokdad built this app especially for overcoming the file-sharing issues. Moreover, it has some other advantages also. The process of FM WhatsApp download is easy. You can find the download link from many unofficial websites.

Top Features

  • The app allows users to send 60 photos at a time. And any file up to 700 MB.
  • Create a group chat that allows a maximum of 500 people.
  • View others deleted messages and stories
  • Disable forward tag
  • Hide view status and message options. And the typing and recording tag as well.
  • The app also hides the last seen and the blue ticks that show the online availability.

3. GBWhatsapp APK

The main advantages GBWhatsApp Apk offers are the variety of themes and wallpapers, and privacy features. Moreover, you can use two accounts on the same device. But for iOS, maybe it’s not a good option as the app currently works only on an android device. You may say then why we keep the app in this list. Well, the truth is the app is too good to be excluded from the list. And for an android user, the GBWhatsapp Apk download will be one of the best options for them.

Top Features

  • Disabled internet only for GBWhatsapp.
  • Hide last seen and online availability
  • Allows to zoom others profile picture
  • You can share video up to 100 MB and audio up to 30 MB
  • ‘Always Online’ option.

4. OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is another WhatsApp MOD that allows two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device. The app’s main benefit is that you can be sure of your privacy, although it’s a third-party app. Thus, you can use it without any issues.

Top Features

  • Send scheduled messages automatically.
  • Anti-ban Apk. that means you will not be banned from using the official WhatsApp.
  • Download others status and stories
  • Start conversation with a non-saved contact
  • Blocking only call, not the entire conversation
  • Share more than 90 images and files up to 100 MB
  • Allows group video calls
  • Hide last seen and message seen options.

5. YoWhatsApp APK

The last one on our list is YoWhatsApp. It’s also a popular modified version of WhatsApp. Similarly, like other WhatsApp MOD, the app aims to overcome privacy and share shortcomings. But you have to be careful about the YowhatsApp APK free download method. You have to choose the right package. Otherwise, you might face malware attacks.

Top Features

  • More than 100 languages are available in the app.
  • Unlimited themes and layout. Also, it allows the users to set any image as a background.
  • Autosaved and shareable theme file
  • Hide online status and message seen option
  • Send file up to 700 MB
  • Pin more than 1000 chats


At the end of the article, I’m sure you definitely want to try one of these WhatsApp MODs Apk for Android & iOS. As the apps are unofficial, you may be concerned about your privacy. Well, It’s a common thought of us. However, you must accept that our every information is available in some places in this digital era, and you can’t deny it. An official app does not guarantee your security. You can realize it easily on your daily social media activity. Moreover, the recent WhatsApp privacy issue shows us it all.

So don’t be afraid because of security. Just don’t share anything confidential through any of the social media. Be safe and enjoy the unique features of these WhatsApp MODs Apk.

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